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Adventure in the Heart of Sardinia

Adventure in the Heart of Sardinia Hospitable Barbagia
An adventure to discover our wild hinterland. If you love Sardinia and are curious to see its interior, don’t miss this unique opportunity that will allow you to explore the wildest areas of the island: the landscape of the Gennargentu mountains, the forests of Barbagia, the hills of Mandrolisai. A sea of green interrupted here and there by charming villages, inhabited by friendly and hardworking people. Shepherding, craftsmanship, grape harvesting, chestnut and hazelnut picking mark the passage of time. The guiding principle of this excursion is that you will have a responsible approach to special places and the people who live there. The lunch break will allow you to witness the preparation of typical dishes, making cheese or sweets, depending on availability.

Experience a different day… the excitement of discovering the wild face of the island

Here are the stops in the heart of Sardinia that you can make with your car every Tuesday or Thursday Traveler, not a tourist!

8:00 AM Departure. From the coast, the itinerary takes you directly into Sardinia’s interior: Barbagia, a rugged territory hidden only at first glance, friendly and hospitable if you get to know it.

10:00 AM Fonni: carasau bread. First stop to discover the secret of carasau bread, how it is created and cooked in a typical oven.

11:00 AM Tonara: the ancient artisan workshop of bells. An engaging encounter with a centuries-old generation of artisans who, with their hands, reproduce and bring to life an ancestral tradition. Close your eyes, reopen them to find yourself in the early 1900s: entrance fee 5.00 euros per person with the gift of a bell.

12:40 PM Belvì: typical lunch and show cooking. Rest stop at the wine bar, reservation required. We offer a small gastronomic experience: preparation of our own cold cuts and cheeses, fresh pasta (ravioli or gnocchi or fregula or pane frattau), grilled meat, sweets (torrone or cascheddas), 2 glasses of wine, and Abbardente… A good typical Barbaricino menu will allow us to appreciate zero-kilometer food products and taste the famous local wine.

3:20 PM Return begins. With our backs to the mountain, the itinerary now takes us to a new and interesting territory: Mandrolisai, a beautiful hilly region, fertile and famous for its wine. A historically rural landscape of worldwide importance and recognized by the European Union. Vineyards, pastures, and cork oaks alternate for tens of kilometers.

3:30 PM Atzara: natural dye workshop. Maurizio goes out early in the morning to fields and woods to gather raw materials for his dyes. The authentic resilience of a young man who has transformed past practices into experience for the future.

4:20 PM Sito Biru e concas: Sardinian Stonehenge. The geographical center of Sardinia, the omphalos of the ancient world. The site houses 200 perdas fittas (menhirs), adored and feared by ancient civilizations 5000 years ago.

5:20 PM Ortueri: winery and vineyard. Discovering the ingenious winemaking: three grapes, one soil, the man, and the time. We walk in the vineyard, talk to the winemaker, and taste the Mandrolisai D.O.C. wine.

This tour is “do it yourself” and takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays with your own car:

The fee is €40.00 per person (children from 3 to 10 years €20.00) + the entrance fees for “gualchiera” and “bell workshop” that are paid on-site; provided are:

  • E-book in PDF with all information about stops and the area.
  • Constant telephone assistance.
  • Podcast with a narration of the trip. An audio guide.
  • The itinerary on Google Maps.

But if, instead of “do it yourself,” you prefer to be guided throughout the itinerary, you can do it on Thursdays. In this case, for the guide service and bus sharing, there is an additional fee of €30.00 per person (same fee for children), which also includes an outdoor lunch with shepherds with homemade cold cuts and cheeses, lamb with potatoes and suckling pig, nougat, all accompanied by excellent local wine and Abbardente!

The purchase of the excursion can be made during the booking of the stay or during the stay itself by contacting us by phone or email. In this case, credit card prepayment is required. Since seats are limited, we recommend booking at least 15 days before the chosen day for the excursion.


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