Holiday in Olbia: 5 reasons to choose it

Destination Olbia

If you are thinking of spending your holiday in Olbia, we will give you several good reasons why you should turn your dream into reality.


It is easy to get to, either by air or by boat.

A short distance from the city centre, in fact, you will find Olbia’s Costa Smeralda airport, to and from here there is a network of well-organised transport services which makes travelling around easy. While the port of Olbia boasts various connections, including to Civitavecchia and Livorno.


It is in a strategic location.

From Olbia it is possible to reach very well-known places in little time, for example Porto Rotondo and Porto Cervo, destinations that are appreciated by those who love to have fun and socialise by enjoying boutiques and fashionable bars. But if you stay at Olbia you can also enjoy the beautiful beaches nearby. A short distance away is the Lido di Pittulongu, which is characterised by its shoreline of fine, white sand. Next is Porto Istana, a bay at the foot of the Capo Ceraso promontory, whose beaches are separated by rocky sections of pink granite. Carrying on, you can admire the yellow-ochre colours of the beach of Li Cuncheddi, or even the grey shades of Bados, which is suitable for swimming for children thanks to its shallow water.




It is a family-orientated city.

If you plan on coming to Olbia for a holiday with the whole family, don’t worry! You won’t need to take on back-breaking journeys to stop your kids from getting bored. Some tips? Get them involved in a visit to the archaeological museum which will allow them to discover the city’s past. Take advantage of the holiday to admire the Basilica of San Simplicio, a spendid example of Romanesque architecture, or the Church of San Paolo which is fascinating thanks to its colourful cupola. Olbia also hosts some remains of the Nuragic civilisation such as the little-known Riu Mulinu nuraghe, from where you can enjoy a magnificent panoramic view over the whole Gulf of Olbia. Or perhaps, the giants’ tomb on mont’e s’Aba, which is unusual due to its exceptional size.


You will eat very well.

As is the case throughout Sardinia, in Olbia you can also enjoy delicious dishes. To start with, a delicious soup with mussels from the Gulf or the excellent “Fregula con cocciula”, a particular type of semolina pasta that goes very well with clam sauce. Very tasty as well are the “Ortziadas”, exquisite sea anemones that are best eaten breaded and fried. If you are really not of big fan of sea food, we would recommend you try the Gallurese soup which is made from broth, sheep meat and beef. A great alternative to fish based dishes are the “Chiusoni al casu furriau”, small gnocchi seasoned with melted cheese and saffron. And to accompany the excellent cooking that you can try in the city, there is certainly no lack of fantastic wine from vineyards in neighbouring areas.


It is a great location for sporty types.

You don’t want to give up sport, even on holiday? The city of Olbia has many opportunities to indulge this pastime. You can choose one of the many historical-natural paths which also include nearby places and which have various levels of difficulty. While for the most courageous cyclists there are particularly demanding routes where you can test your abilities.


Spending your holiday in Olbia means having a wide selection of places to visit and you can do it for an affordable price. Discover the offers reserved for you by Domus Olbia Inn, the B&B selected by Avitur.

And now, all that remains is for you to experience first-hand everything we’ve described!