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Holidays in Porto Rotondo

One of the most famous and exclusive destinations in Northeastern Sardinia along with Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo is located between the Gulfs of Cugnana and Marinella, in a circular inlet that gave rise to its name, “Poltu Ridundu” in Gallurese. The first nucleus of the village dates back to 1964, created by the Venetian counts Luigi and Nicolò della Rosa, who designed a village with Venetian flair. Not surprisingly, the main square is called San Marco, all fully integrated with the surrounding territory. Today, Porto Rotondo represents one of the most important realities of Mediterranean tourism. The marina with its 650 boat moorings, the enchanting beaches, and the territory surrounded by Mediterranean scrub make Porto Rotondo one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in Sardinia. Furthermore, its proximity to Olbia, just 15 km away, makes it easily accessible.

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