Easter in Olbia

5 great reasons to select Olbia for your Easter holiday

Are you starting to consider where you want to spend yout Easter holiday?Stop considering and make a decision – there is not much time left and there are plenty of offers. There are many offers that will allow you to reach Olbia for Easter easily and economically.

To be honest, I choose Olbia, Sardinia, for my Easter holidays, and I’ll tell you why

1) For the position

Olbia is located in an advantageous position. Olbia has a port just a short journey from the city. I disembark in Sardinia and I have arrived at my destination. But there’s more: Olbia is also an excellent location for reaching the most renowned areas of the island.
Thus I can find myself just a few km from the Costa Smeralda. From Olbia I can go and drink a coffee in Porto Cervo or eat an ice-cream in Porto Rotondo, visit Baja Sardinia or take a trip to Arzachena, where I can purchase a few local artisan pieces.
During the Easter holidays in Olbia, I can visit the marvellous beaches of Pittulungu, Porto Istana, Capriccioli, La Cinta, Isuledda or take a trip to the Island of Tavolara…all places that, with good weather, are enchanting paradises but without the large numbers of tourists who will soon literally assault Sardinia. Places where you can spend a few relaxing moments, where you can have a jog, where you can take photos or drink an aperitif.
But there’s more: during the Easter holidays in Olbia, I can also easily reach the Sardinian interior with its characteristic villages, rich in tradition, museums and souvenirs. Orgosolo, with its open-air murales, Mamoiada with its excellent wine and with its modern and interactive museums dedicated to mamutthones and other local organisations, Nuoro with the MAN, the Museum of Art that, always innovative and avant-garde, is currently hosting an exhibition dedicated to the women futurists between 1912 and 1944.


2) For the shopping

A curse and a blessing for every family, shopping is always a good reason to go to Olbia at Easter. The shops in the centre, Corso Umberto, are all near to each other, allowing me to find something to buy for myself and for my family without the need of travelling by car.
Indeed, in Corso Umberto, I can find young clothing shops at low prices, elegant and refined boutiques, toy shops, perfumeries and many opportunities for buying fun souvenirs.
Between one purchase and the next I can stop in one of the many locales to eat something tasty.
In Olbia, I can also find a great and well-stocked outlet dedicated to big brands.
There are various Shopping Centres where I can spend the afternoon if I want to keep the kids happy or if the weather is bad.


3) For the food

On these occasions, food is important. For this reason, at Easter I choose Olbia. I know that I can find many agritourism establishments in the area, where I can satisfy my never-ending hunger. Typical dishes, fresh pasta, pork, Carasau bread, cheese (pecorino, goat’s cheese and aged cheese), Bottarga, the famous Olbia mussels, Fregola with Arselle and deserts to finish. The marvellous deserts, atypical in shape and taste, the majority of which are developed with the expert hands of local artisans who continue traditions by working with absolutely genuine products…in Sardinia I eat well, I eat plenty and I can enjoy original dishes of quality.

Have I convinced you yet?

Allora non esitare


4) For the traditions

Whether in Olbia or in its surrounding areas, Easter is the most significant festival from the point of view of religion. The ceremonies that accompany this occasion are typical. On Good Friday in Olbia, “S’Iscravamentu” is celebrated : this is a passionate and evocative commemoration of the removal of Christ from the Cross. The rite is accompanied by an intense procession.
This is a touching moment that even captivates non-believers.


5) For the offers

I go toOlbia for Easter because I have the opportunity to take advantage of an offer that allows me to reach Olbia without paying for the ferry (and with Avitur the ferry is always free) and I can stay in a welcoming B&B in the heart of Olbia, a pretty and comfortable apartment with a flowering portico and relaxation area. Every morning I can enjoy a beautiful breakfast buffet with fragrant fresh croissants, yoghurts and biscuits.
Avitur allows me to take advantage of various offers for my Easter holiday in Sardinia and for your Easter in Olbia, take a look and see what they can offer you.
These are my 5 good reasons for choosing Olbia for Easter Yours may be the same or they may be different: it’s up to you to go and find out…Happy Easter and have a happy discounted holiday.